Tax Talk Today CPE Subscription Plans

Earning CPE credits has never been easier, more affordable, or a more rewarding educational experience.

For only $270.00 ($18.00 per credit) the subscription includes 15 credits presented in 8 programs that can be earned by viewing Live (Group-Internet Based), Archived (QAS Self Study), or by Podcast (QAS Self Study).

During a calendar year, Tax Talk Today programs will cover: IRS CE Provider Logo

These programs have been designed to meet the requirements of CPAs, Enrolled Agents, RTRPs (currently voluntary), and Attorneys; as well as any other professionals needing 15 to 30 CPE credits during the calendar year. No more searching for the right course to fulfill your needed CPE requirements.

One place, one payment, and we will remind you of all upcoming programs.

Reminder: You must provide your PTIN in your Profile so your credits can be reported to the IRS. You can check/edit your Profile by logging in and clicking on "My TTT".

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Take advantage of this Easy-to-Do and Easy-to-View CPE program!

15 CPE credits (8 Programs) at $18.00/credit for $270.00/package
12 CPE credits (Can Be Used With AFTR: 5 Tax Law Programs + 1 Ethics Program)
at $18.00/credit
for $216.00/package
4 CPE credits at $19.00/credit for $76.00/package
2 CPE credits at $20.00/credit for $40.00/package
1 CPE credit at $20.00/credit (This can only be used for a February program.)

The 1 CPE February program can only be obtained as part of the 15 CPE or 1 CPE package.

The 1 CPE package can only be used for the 1 CPE February program,
not combined to be used for a 2 CPE program.

Note: If you previously purchased a View-Only subscription package, you will receive a $3.25 credit for each CPE purchased, to a maximum of $50.00 for 15 CPE package.

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Purchased CPE credits can be earned up to one year from the date of purchase.