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Problem Viewing? - Technical Requirements

To view Live Programs

For best viewing experience please update your browser and plug-ins

NOTE: Microsoft's Windows Media Player is not an option for Live viewing. You will need to have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed or one of these updated browsers (Chrome, or Internet Explorer)

For Windows Computers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer ( 8, 9, 10) - Browser with Adobe Flash installed
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (11) - Click on HTML5 (Dash)
  • Firefox Browser with Adobe Flash installed
  • Chrome Browser - Click on HTML5 (Dash)

For Apple Computers

  • Safari with Adobe Flash Installed
  • Chrome Browser - Click on HTML5 (Dash)
  • Firefox Browser with Adobe Flash installed

For Mobile Devices - ( iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablets)

  • For Live Programs we are required to confirm viewing, so we do not offer or recomend viewing on mobile devices.

Test your video/audio

To test your system, please try playing the video here - player test page.

Player Resources

To access the latest version of Flash or Browsers for Windows use the following links:

For Apple Mac users, to access the latest version of Safari using Adobe Flash, or latest Chrome for Mac , use the following links:

Minimum Requirements

  1. Java Script Enabled
  2. Cookies Enabled
  3. Internet Browser - IE 11, or Chrome use HTML5 (Dash) or
    Internet Browser - IE 8, 9, 10, Safari, or Firefox with Flash Player installed
  4. An internet connection such as a DSL or Cable Modem of at least 450 Kbps is needed for each user viewing the stream. If you have two users in an office using the same bandwidth then the requirement is doubled.
  5. Sound Card and Speakers or Headphones

Some of the requirements listed below can be checked by going to the website:

Unable to connect to webcast - Connection Error

  1. Make sure you have a updated browser.
  2. Check with your IT staff to see if the necessary network ports are open to allow for the viewing of the webcast

Cannot see a picture - If you are unable to see the video playing please check the following:

  1. Do you have the latest version of Flash installed? or update to a Newer Browser (Please see the minimum requirements section at the top of this page for more information.)
  2. Try by selecting different stream option from buttons located below the player window. (Flash Low, Flash High, HTML5, )
  3. Select REFRESH button below player.

Cannot hear audio

  1. Are your speakers turned up?
  2. Is your volume muted?
  3. Try refreshing the page.

Cannot see or click on the confirmation button

  1. The confirmation button is located to the right above the player window.
  2. The confirmation button will activate 4 - 8 times throughout the webcast and will be accompanied by a sound. You will be required to click on the confirmation button 3 times per credit hour. The button will appear at random throughout the broadcast.
  3. Make sure Java Script is turned on in your browser preferences.
  4. AOL users, please use a browser other than AOL's. (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)

My video froze

  1. Try refreshing the page.
  2. Close any web pages (other than Tax Talk Today) or applications that may be using bandwidth.

I don't see the player control bar (Apple Mac users)

  1. Try the Flash stream by clicking on the Flash button located below the player.
  2. Try viewing the webcast in Safari or Chrome.

How do I ask a question?

  1. Please email questions regarding the show to

How do I get more assistance with my technical issue?

  1. If you continue to have a technical issue after reading this FAQ please email
  2. In addition to step 1, please go to the website and email the information to