What Tax Talk Today Viewers Are Saying

About the November 2017 Program

"I appreciated having different views within the panel - from the IRS and from a practitioner."

"Loved the informative update on non-filers."

"Representation is the Enrolled Agent's dream and this was all about representation before the IRS!"

"The presenters were excellent and clarified a lot of points. Excellent webinar!"

"This was a very interesting training. I knew a lot of it, but there were new items that I was not really aware of."


About the October 2017 Program

"All of the subjects covered were relevant and good questions. The panel was well versed and answered the subject material in a very effective manner."

"This was one of your best presentations. It addressed information I needed to know. The three panelists were clearly spoken, informed and presented themselves in a professional manner."

"This was won of the most interesting programs I have watched. I knew a lot, but I did learn a lot of new information. Great Program!"

"Very good presentation. Especially liked that the presenters addressed questions along the way. Helpful to hear from the IRS side how some issues are treated and/or reviewed."


About the September 2017 Program

"All participants were great presenters and knew their topics well."

"Great session. On point and so very practical. Thank-you."

"I appreciated having to topics presented. I wanted something for International issues for a while and this did not disappoint. The resources were very good as well."

"One of the best comprehensive summaries on this topic. Great participants. IRS folks unusually informative."

"Very good - well covered on a confusing subject. Reference will be well used."


About the July 2017 Program

"Many things discussed today regarding tougher 1040 issues, basis, inheritance, etc. Great job!"

"The explanation to the questions asked were answered very well. The answers were given so almost everyone could understand the answers."

"Great review and re-enforcement of fundamentals - plus adding to knowledge on issues we all encounter in our practices. All presenters were excellent. Especially enjoyed Helen and her depth of knowledge."

"Very good program touching on several routine items that aren't always routine! Very 'on top of it' panelists."


About the June 2017 Program

"Great topic because of the increase in small businesses and understanding of Hobbies vs Small Business. The audit process is difficult for small businesses; Salary Draws from the business, etc."

"New small business owners consistently have problems with understanding taxes are due as income is earned. This leads to underpayment of estimated taxes which can create a history of balances owed for estimated tax penalties. This could be an area of emphasis in future presentations. It may be one cause of the tax gap among small businesses."


"This program was very informative and answered a lot of questions I have dealt with within my business. Information was clear and correct and info was given as to what form to file and when. Enjoyed this program very much."


About the May 2017 Program

"After being in our business for 51 years, this my first time with "Tax talk today". This is very regrettable on my part. Your program is terrific. Your speakers excellent and the contents of the subject also excellent. You can expect this old abacus runner to be back again and again and again. Thanks for what you do to help us tax folks."

"Ethics is not a fun course to take, but today's group made viewing and listening enjoyable and informative."

"Loved the update on ethics!!! Never hurts to stay current with continuing education. Love Tax Talk Today! Extremely helpful in staying current with not only continuing education, but relevant tax updates. Thank you!!"

"The participants offered a very clear and concise discussion of the Ethics requirements of Circular 230 and professional organizations. I really enjoyed the conversation."


About the January 2017 Program

"Good information. This is the second web program I attended today, the first was sponsored by a national CPA firm. The ease of viewing your program and the quality of the audio/video is superior to the first program I viewed. My appreciation to the effort you've taken to produce and deliver a quality program."

"It is better that all of the information be presented in January rather than the Business section in February."

"The Presenters were excellent. I did not down load the Resources before viewing the program but have now done so and the materials were relevant. This was one of the best programs you have provided, thank you."


About the November 2016 Program


"I always learn so much from these programs. This is the first I have heard on post return issues and it was what I needed to hear today. I have dealt with the letter audits and of course, other post return issues, so I got answers to questions I did not know I had. Thank you for always a great program."


"Addressing exam, collection, and appeals in one program gave a good overview of the three areas and how they flow together. You can go into a great deal of depth on each of those topics in separate programs, but you don't get a good feel for how one relates to the other. This program should be a prerequisite before delving more deeply into exam, collection, or appeals topics."


"The IRS representatives for this segment were relaxed, articulate, and informative. Director Quinton Smith and Director Joseph Ali, especially, compressed a lot of information into a very short time frame. Excellent webinar."


About the October 2016 Program

"Thank You TTT. The program was pack full of goodies, A knowledgeable panel, Up to date information and the help I received from the accounts department was very speedy , these are just a few points that I am so appreciative for, TAX TALK TODAY ROCKS".

"Outstanding topic just in time for helping our clients with decision making."

"Today's topic was right in time. There has been much confusion about when to withdraw from an IRA, penalty, rollover, taxes, etc. I believe the discussions helped clarify any misunderstanding."


About the September 2016 Program

"Fantastic review of assistance and self-help that is available."

"I found all the panelists to very knowledgeable. I was able to learn a number of additional things about navigating the system."

"Pleased for the additional information on the IRS resources available and where to find them. Thanks a lot!"

"The Program was excellent. It was very, very informative and relative to IRS representation. The presenters were all well versed in their varied areas of specialty. I enjoyed it and will likely view again and use it as a teaching tool."


About the July 2016 Program

"Probably the best Farm program I have viewed in a long time. Farm taxes are very complicated and these individuals did a very good presentation."

"Very good discussion and many technical considerations to help clients. I consider Tax Talk Today as a leader in understanding the technical requirements for effective tax preparation."

"I really appreciated the two practitioner's answers. It was obvious that they worked with the same clients that I do--well meaning folk but not especially number oriented."

"This was great. It was a whole lot better than the webinar I took on farms and their taxation. You had a great group of people participating."

"I don't have any farming clients but I just wanted to hear about the subject. It was very informative and I really enjoyed it."