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Viewers Earning CPE Credits: Important Information
Regarding CPE Registration & Reporting

1. How do CPE Viewers provide Tax Talk Today with their PTIN?

2. When entering your PTIN and Name on your Tax Talk Today profile you must enter it
EXACTLY as on your PTIN welcome letter from the IRS. 
This is how the IRS recognizes you and will track your CPE credits earned.

3. Make sure your PTIN entry is in the proper format: P + 8 numbers.  The ONLY letter in your PTIN is the “P”; all zeros are 0 and not the letter o.  Check your profile information (see #1 above).

4. You must make a purchase and download your CPE Certificate of Completion for Tax Talk Today to report your earned credits.   To download your certificate, log in to the Tax Talk Today site, go to "My TTT" menu, select "My Course Certificate" click in the right column across from the program name on the text "Download PDF Apply Credit". This will download and award your certificate as a PDF file.

5. Will Tax Talk Today report my CPEs earned to the IRS?
Yes, we will report your CPEs earned directly to the IRS using your PTIN, first and last name, and the number of CPEs earned. 

6. Do not send CPE credit information to the IRS. Tax Talk Today will send the information directly to the IRS with your name, PTIN number and the number of credits earned.

7. Go to FAQs for additional information, if necessary.

8. If I have questions about the website how can I get in touch?
You can mail, email or fax us. Click here for contact information.